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Other In House Service

At TerrAdorna we strive to create a welcoming and inspiring environment for your life’s biggest events. We also want you to have a day of ease. As such, we offer a number of additional “In House” services to help make your wedding day a breeze.



Did you know that Tom, TerrAdorna’s owner and curator, is an ordained officiate? He would love to forever be a part of your wedding day memories by officiating your wedding.

Call Tom at #512-585-9105 to schedule your officiate services today!


Walk-Away Service

We are happy to offer our “Walk Away” clean up service for your event. And we truly mean that you can walk away from the mess and leave our staff to clean up after you and your guests. All you need to do is take what is yours, that you want to keep, and leave the rest to us – plates, empty glasses, trash, the whole nine yards! We’ll clean it all, stack all of the tables, chairs, pack dirty linens for return to the rental service, sweep and mop the floors, and basically return it all to the way it was when you showed up.


Decor Rentals

Ask about our decor rentals, from white 10×10 pop-up tenting to vintage furniture vignettes to grand silver candelabras, let us hep you enhance your guests’ experience.

Adorna Design Florals and More

Floral & Décor

As an artist, I love creating with a variety of mediums.  Adorna Design, your in house floral, décor, and design service, wants to hear your vision and interpret it for you – right here at TerrAdorna. From bouquets to centerpieces to overhead installations to ceremony decor, with a minimum of just $800, we can fit your budget as well as create a lot of beauty for your day.

Your florals will be created and installed onsite, without delivery charges or fear of your flowers being late!

Call Dory at #512-585-9105 or contact us here to schedule your design meeting today!

Beyond Bouquets

We not only offer bouquets and boutonnieres, but table centerpieces of florals and décor pieces, custom suspended installations, ceremony site design, and just about anything you can dream.

Floral TestimonialWe are especially known for our gorgeous Overhead Décor Installations and since our ceilings are so high they make a huge impact when your guests walk into the ballroom. Crown your reception with your choice of a theme, or combination of themes: natural branches with glass orbs, draping moss, a suspended ceiling of blooms, Japanese lanterns, crystal chandeliers, and more. Do you have an idea not mentioned here? I love custom commissions and want to hear about it!
Call Dory at #512-585-9105 or contact us here to schedule your design meeting today!

Adorna Floral & Design Portfolio

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